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Would you like to save big on Rapid City, SD massage just in time for holiday gift giving?

Did you know that the typical cost of a full body massage in Rapid City South Dakota is about $60 per hour?

What if there were a way to save as much as $35 per massage gift certificate?

There is.

Keep reading to unlock the details.

Massage Gift Certificates In Rapid City, SD

Uncover the secrets of redeemable massage gift certificates for you personally or given as the gift of love and comfort to one or multiple people.


  • Black Hills Massage Students Offering Gift Certificates
  • Save On Rapid City Table Massage Gift Certificates
  • Average Rapid City Therapeutic Massages Cost: $60
  • Individual Gift Certificates: $40 Per 60-Minute Session (SAVE $20 EACH)

  • 5 Packs: $35 Per 60-Minute Session (SAVE $175 PER PACK)

  • Prices Subject To Change Without Notice
  • Questions?  Call: (605) 956-3630
  • Contact Form


Rapid City, SD

Thanks to being part of the Black Hills School of Massage in Hermosa South Dakota, my wife (Irene) and I (Guy) are 4 months away from receiving our Massage Therapy licenses with graduation happening on November 10th.  Just in time for your holiday gift giving.

HOT TIPIn-order to offset educational expenses we are offering massage gift certificates with up to $35 in savings per certificate.  These treasures may be redeemed starting on December 1st 2018.


  • Personally
  • Business and Corporate Events
  • Friends and Family
  • Be Creative


SD Rapid City

South Dakota Rapid City

With all the hustle and bustle that surrounds this time of year massage in Rapid City SD brings comfort, relaxation, and relief directly to your own world be it at home, work or wherever else your privacy can be ensured.  We will meet you where you’re at with our table available.

HOT TIP:  You can also schedule your friends and family for our massage therapy rapid city, SD 10-minute chair massages.  Simply give us a call at (605) 956-3630 or use our contact form to schedule your event.  We are here to offer pain-free service both in the form of table and chair massage opportunities.


Imagine the excitement generated within your office when your dedicated employees unwrap their own private one-hour massage gift certificates.  You, your care and their enjoyment of being dedicated to your success will be their favorite topic of discussion in and out of the office.


Give the gift of love during the holidays by surprising your recipients with massage rapid city, SD gift certificates.  The best part is how much you will save when opting for our package deals.  These gift certificates may be given as a combined package to one individual or shared amongst multiple friends and family.  Whichever suits you best is where you will find the perfect answer.

Secure as many certificate packs as you desire to increase your savings.  There are no quantity limits.


Rapid City South Dakota Massage

Rapid City Massage

Do you have an idea for your massage therapist rapid city, SD gift certificate that hasn’t been mentioned above?

If it allows for the privacy of the individual receiving their gift and there is at least 1 other person in the location where we would be arriving at, we see no reason why this would not work.  However, if you would like to make sure before moving forward give us a call at (605) 956-3630 or use the contact form to find out.

Our focus is on the comfort and enjoyment of you and your friends, family, peers, associates, and everyone else involved.


Now that you know who these massage gift certificates are best used for it is time to find out exactly what you receive from giving these presents away.

First, we offer a variety of options that the recipient will be free to select from including SwedishDeep Tissue and Carpal Tunnel massage right here in South Dakota.  Find out more about various massage therapies by reading our article

While we don’t claim to have skills and talents in all areas mentioned, yet – we do believe your recipients of massage will be positively thanking and thinking of you for months and years to come.

Each table massage recipient of your gift certificates will receive 60-minutes of undivided attention wherein they can advise on the type of massage received as well as the location.

Are their legs of more concern than their lower back?

Yes, we can.

Are they wanting a full body massage?

Yes, we can.

PLEASE NOTE:  Erotica massage is not now and never will be part of our offerings.

No matter if they are seeking the relaxation of Swedish Massage or more therapeutic Deep Tissue approaches, we are here to serve.


I’ve been excitedly waiting to get to this part.  What you are about to read is unheard of in the industry of massage therapy let alone massage therapists Rapid City, SD provides.

We believe that once this goes viral we are out of necessity going to need to raise the prices and without notice.  It’s all about supply and demand.

Therefore, if you want the very best deal possible from certified, insured trained Massage Therapist offering services as of December 1st 2018 right here in Rapid City, SD then <link>click this link<not available yet> and take advantage of our offerings today.

HOT TIP:  If your reading this article before that link goes live then get super excited because the group package deals are even better.  You’re a super early bird.

SINGLE: $40 each

For a single gift certificate, you save $20 by paying $40 instead of $60.  When the link above goes live we will be reducing the savings to only $10.  Get it now.

5 PACKS: $25 per certificate

Buy your Rapid City, SD gift certificates in packs of 5 and achieve super savings of more than 50% off.  Why pay $300 when you can receive the same exact services from energetic massage graduates for only $125.  You SAVE  $175 per 5 pack.

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