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Hi, my name is Guy Siverson of Guy & Irene Siverson.

We just graduated from the Black Hills School of Massage and are getting ready to open our practice in Rapid City.  We will be in the Fountain of Youth Water Store on Mt. Rushmore Rd.

At the time of this writing, we are approaching the holiday season when everyone loves to give gifts to one another.  As such, I find myself pondering exactly why people would want to give the gift of massage to their friends, family, co-workers, employees, and others.

2 Important Announcements About Massage For Rapid City Residents

It is this question that I will be answering in today’s article.  But first, 2 important massage announcements for Rapid City local area residents:


WANTEDMassage Chair Outreach Locations

We are looking for locations where we can bring our massage chair services to you:

  • Business Office Socials
  • Local Area Events
  • Church Activities
  • Business Meetings & Conferences
  • Parties & Celebrations

PLEASE NOTE:  Massage and alcohol do not mix due to health risks that can cause damage to the recipient.  If your gathering includes alcohol, please advise when calling to book your spot.  We would be pleased to come early and leave before alcohol is served.

How much will it cost you to participate?


It is our way of getting the message of our services out to the Rapid City community.  Recipients will have the ability to leave a tip if they so desire, but it is not required.

Call 605-574-1998 to book your spot.

There are a limited number of opportunities available so please don’t hesitate in booking your spot today.  It’s free, it’s fun and your Rapid City gathering will love you for it.


We will be having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday massage special that is likely going to be the best deal in Rapid City, SD for massage.  Please bookmark and check back on this article for those details to be released very soon.

With that said, let’s get into the meet of this article.

Giving the Gift of Massage in Rapid City:  7 Reasons Why

What follows is a list of reasons why you will want to give massage gifts in Rapid City, SD.  As part of what is ahead, you will learn about some excellent price points that we are making available for a very limited time.

  1. Relieves Stress

Most of your friends and family are running 100 miles an hour each day every day even on the weekends.  They barely have time to slow down let along smelling the roses.  Giving the gift of massage shows that you care to make a difference in their lives.

Are you a company executive who oversees a given set of employees?

Massage has been proven to increase both productivity and loyalty as those that work for you come to see you as a leader that really cares.

Do you have friends or loved one’s that simply need to “chill”?

Massage, especially Swedish massage, can be an amazing answer.

Trusting that you agree with these scenarios and others like them you will want to pay attention to point number 5, coming up.

  1. Removes Pain

Another beautiful part about massage is its ability to remove pain.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist (LTM) it brings a huge smile to my face each time I hear someone say, “it no longer hurts.”  Using Deep Tissue and Trigger Point therapy I’ve heard these reports when working on many common pain points including:

  • Traps
  • Rhomboids
  • QL’s
  • Sciatica

And more.

Therefore, if you want to give the gift of pain relief be sure not to miss the details in point 5.

  1. Elevates Mood

For anyone that has had a massage in Rapid City, this should be a real “no-brainer.”

I’ve heard it said that 9 out of 10 people love massage.  The 10th individual was unavailable for comment due to actively receiving a message.

While it is my hope that the above paragraph made you smile it should also confirm that giving Rapid City massage gifts is the perfect plan for all your gifting giving needs.

One reason, that is the case is massage can come in a variety of different styles.

Does the recipient simply need to relax?

It is time for a Swedish massage.

Perhaps they have pain points that need to be targeted.

Deep Tissue and Trigger Point techniques are the answer.

Other modalities that we will be providing soon if not already include Lymph Massage and Hydrotherapy.  The point is that your recipient will be beaming from ear to ear after receiving their gift of massage from you.

HOT TIP:  You too will be beaming from ear-to-ear when you uncover the secrets as to exactly how much this will cost you.  It’s better than you might think and if you haven’t yet guessed, all the details will be revealed in point #5.

  1. Promote Wellness

Let’s see, if your recipient has an increase in relaxation and a decrease in pain what do you think that will do in promoting health and wellness in their lives?

It’s not rocket science.

Give the body what it needs to get well, and the body will be in a better position to take care of itself.

Prior to embarking on this journey into massage, I was an Online Marketer.  I spent all day every day sitting in my recliner getting work done.

That was until the day I took my BP and found that it had sky-rocketed.  I kept doing my trade while not paying it much mind.  Then the day came when the numbers were 200/100 and I knew something needed to be done.

That’s when an entire career change came into the picture.  Last May classes started and now my wife and I are graduates of the massage school here in Hermosa.

What about my BP?

Typically speaking I now see it in healthy areas that do not bring alarm like 135/65.

Yes, becoming a Massage Therapist has done wonders in promoting my own health.  Just think, if it does that for the provider, what the result can be for the recipient.

That said, just in case you think I’m saving the best for last, your right.  And here it comes now:

  1. Personal Convenience

While giving the gift of massage in Rapid City is fantastic for the recipient it is also super cool for you.  Especially if you are concerned about finances like most of the rest of us are.

We offer 3 packages all targeting helping you to increase your savings.  We have a 3, 6 & 12 pack waiting for you to secure.

Let’s look at each.

3 PACK: Save $5 Per Gift Certificate (Save $15)

In this package, you receive 3 60-minute massage gift certificates that can be used for any of our massage modalities.  That’s right, from Swedish too Deep Tissue or Lymph all are covered for your recipients.

The good part about this option is that you can experience savings from what normal price points would be.  However, you may want to step up to one of the other price points to realize even more value.

HOT TIP:  It is totally permissible to give a single recipient multiple certificates even if that recipient happens to be yourself.

6 PACK: Save $10 Per Gift Certificate (Save $60)

This package is everything that the 3 pack has in value but at an increased saving passed on to you.  Some people like this package best because of its ability to balance expense and value.

You receive 6 massages with your recipient having the choice of which modality they prefer.

12 PACK:  Save $20 Per Gift Certificate (Save $240)

This is HUGE for Rapid City people that want super savings.

HOT TIP:  There will only be 3 of these packages released in any given month so check the link now to make sure that this is currently available.

While the 3 and 6 pack bring great value this one brings the best value by far.  You receive 12 gift certificates which can be used in any way that the recipient desires.

Do you see the personal convenience involved?

Just point, click and let the power of the web do the rest.

Closing Thoughts About Giving the Gift of Massage in Rapid City

By now you’ve seen a variety of ways to give the gift of massage in Rapid City.

From free chair massage to a variety of gift certificates that are available you can tap into the savings in a variety of ways.  The question is – which one will be your choice?

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