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Chair massage in Rapid City, Keystone, Hot Springs and surrounding South Dakota areas makes a difference by bringing comfort and relaxation to the world of those you are wanting to impact.

Did you know:

Lower back pain is on a serious rise due to the sedentary lifestyle of most people.


A decrease in blood pressure can be realized by a healthy touch.


Massage improves aches, pains, and conditions related to illness by increasing the ability of lymph moving through your body.

Why Mobile Chair Massage in South Dakota

South Dakota Mobile Chair Massage

Rapid City, Keystone, Hot Springs South Dakota

These are just a few of the many reasons people like Bob Hope and Julius Caesar used massage as part of their wellness plan.  Given that Bob Hope lived to almost 100 years of age, we could learn many lessons from his wisdom.

Unfortunately, far too many people avoid massage because of their discomfort in having to be undressed in a stranger’s presence, dislike of time required in securing such services or inconvenience of having to drive to a given location at a designated time that interferes with your otherwise complicated schedule.

That’s where our mobile chair massage program plays its part within Rapid City, Keystone, and Hot Springs SD.  We can provide comforting chair massages in less than 10-minutes per massage wherein you don’t need to undress, and we bring our chairs to your location.

What we are looking for:


Would you like to bring the enjoyment of massage to your employees, peers, associates, and colleges?

These types of group events are perfect for our services because it gives us the ability to arrive at one location and serve multiple individuals within a single setting.  Therefore, if you would like to reward people for a job well done or make us part of your organizational celebration we are here to serve.

CONTACT FOR DETAILS: (605) 956-3630


Do you have a celebration coming up with friends and family wherein you would enjoy offering the gift of chair massage within Rapid City, Keystone, and Hot Springs South Dakota or surrounding areas?

Our service is perfect for wedding parties, birthdays and reunions, anniversaries and more.  To find out if our mobile chair massage program Is right for the event you are preparing with your friends and family call us today.

CONTACT FOR DETAILS: (605) 956-3630


Perhaps you have an upcoming local area fair, festival or other such fan-fair wherein you would enjoy including chair massages for your participants.  No matter if you are in Rapid City, Keystone, Hot Springs or any of the other surrounding locations of South Dakota we are here to serve.

We will arrive at your event with our mission to serve all participants from the comfort and relaxation that massage therapy has to offer within the arena of chair massage modalities.  To find out more about how we will fit into your event get in touch with us today.

CONTACT FOR DETAILS: (605) 956-3630


Do you have an organized gathering happening wherein you could see offering chair massages?

Has it not been covered by the above details?

If your anywhere around any of these following South Dakota locations, Rapid City, Keystone, Hot Springs we would like to hear from you.

CONTACT FOR DETAILS: (605) 956-3630

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