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Do you have a massage therapy related product that you’d like to gain exposure?

Are you tired of the high cost of paid advertising?

Is climbing the search engine rankings causing stressful frustration?

Wouldn’t it be great to find an affordable way of reaching those interested in the world of massage?

Good news.

There is, and you’re looking at it right now.

We’ve built this entire site with a focus on the world of massage.  We are already seeing great results even though it began only a short time ago on May 21st 2018.  I suppose that time is relative when it comes to the world of the Web, but your needing increased exposure for what you are bringing to market isn’t.


Massage Therapy Supplies

Massage Therapy Supplies

For only $10 per submission, we will review your product and determine if it is a good fit for our mission of increasing awareness within the world of massage.  No square pegs in round holes or inappropriate offerings here.

How do you know if what you have is inappropriate?

If you are asking such a question, then there is a high probability that it is.

However, if you have a truly valuable product that either Massage Therapists or massage recipients would value then I’d say it is worth the risk of your $10 investment.  Look at it like your taking me to a nice meal to show me what you’ve got – if that makes sense to you then I want to hear from you.


Via the power of PayPal we will receive your $10 and you will be directed to a page that outlines how to send us your information.  Once received we will review the details of your product and make the final decision to promote it.

PLEASE NOTE:  Just because we receive your massage therapy supplies proposal it is not a guarantee that we will promote your offering.

However, you can increase the possibilities of such happening by creating high quality informative original content for us to review.  That content may come in the form of an article, video, audio, infographic, PDF or whatever way you would like it presented.

Ideally, we will then take the media that you sent and create its own page on our site with links back to more details about how to secure your offering.


You mean besides the fact that my wife and I are trained and certified Massage Therapists in our own right?

Or at least we hope to be soon.

Currently, we are in month 2 of 6 for the training we are going through.  We’ve passed Anatomy (yeah) and Swedish Massage classes at this point.

Along with that, I personally have over 20 years of experience working in the field of Digital Marketing.  In that time, I’ve provided services to more than 300 clients with over 900 hours invested on Upwork alone.

Check out those details here.

Bottomline take away for you?

I know how to get the exposure your product needs in order to see the Web success it deserves.


While submitting your ideas does not in and of itself guarantee placement, I believe that it is more than worth the risk especially since that’s all it costs to make things happen for you.

I’m pretty sure you’re not going to find a more affordable niche alternative that practically guarantees results.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Guy Siverson

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Guy Siverson at Graceful Touch
This site and its 292% growth in the first two months are a direct result of my wife and I becoming Massage Therapists. Previously I have been a Digital Marketer for over 20 years. Massage Therapists can now tap into my online marketing talents in at least 3 ways. 1) Finding out about my Digital Marketing program for Massage Therapists. 2) Unlocking secrets of how to market products/services here. 3) Becoming a guest content contributor. If you live in Rapid City, Keystone, Hot Springs or surrounding areas of South Dakota and want to give the true gift of love consider our massage gift certificates or treating your gathering to mobile chair massage.

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