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Do you have an article, video, podcast, infographic, image or other digitally focused items that you would like to feature on this site?

Are you confident enough in the quality of your information to put $10 behind its submission?

Have you an understanding of the extreme value you receive by securing a niche focused one-way link back to your sites property?

If you’ve answered yes to the above 3 questions, I want to hear from you.


Guest Post Wanted

Massage Guest Post

Let’s deal with first matters first.  If you are wondering why I charge $10 for post considerations on my site, the answer is simple.  I’m only looking for serious people that seek serious traffic increasing serious rankings from Google and other search engines.

If that doesn’t define what you have in mind, then it would be better for us not to talk.  However, I know that there are numerous people seeking exposure for niche related content that will fit perfect for this opportunity as they find out about it.

Contact for questions via phone at (605) 956-3630 or contact form.

Think of it like this, if what you want to show me is worth the cost of a decent meal then I’m more than willing to check it out.  If not, then why should I waste my time on something you yourself don’t believe in?

That might sound a bit crass, but seriously, think about it.  If those thoughts lead in a positive direction it is time for you to understand exactly…


Not only am I extremely involved in the arena of Massage Therapy (as of this writing I’m 4 months away from my own certification) but I have an extensively rich background in digital marketing.

Need proof?

Feel free to visit my Upwork profile where you will find that I have clocked more than 900 hours as well as completing nearly 300 jobs within the field of marketing.  While I’m more than happy to report that in this process I have exceeded 200K in my own earnings I’m even more pleased to report feedback that I have received in the process from clients who have been more than happy to work with me.

Feedback like:

Mr. Siverson provides valued insight and constant adaptability with ever-changing SEM trends. He is truly a pleasure to work with!

As should be clear, I’m the real deal when it comes to digital marketing with an extreme focus within the world of massage.  So, what exactly do you receive from opting into working with me?


To further drive home the point that I’m only looking for people that are serious about what they have it should be noted that the payment and submission do not in and of themselves guarantee inclusion on this site.  I reserve the right to be ultra-selective about what I will and won’t publish.

As long as everything moves in the right direction, you will earn yourself a published position on my site which was launched on May 21st, 2018.  Within your digital content, I will include a one-way backlink to your website property in-order to build your authority as it is targeted into the niche of massage.  Your content will also be broadcasted out to my social networks including FB, Twitter & Google just to name a few.

Further, as our working partnership blossoms, you will find access and availability to other publishing opportunities within my world which will lead to additional link building opportunities for you to secure.  This is just the beginning of possibilities as we build our friendship forward.

While this site is yet to hit prime time, as of this writing.  It should be noted that it is only turning 2 months old as of 7-21-2018 and already is securing listings on the first page of Google search.  I’m certain that securing the type of results I’ve achieved within the world of digital marketing would not be possible if I didn’t know what I was doing.

Now, I’m turning that energy, enthusiasm, power, and knowledge into my own niche targeted project of massage and those who see the success of possibilities will be able to take advantage of my skills and talents for as little as $10.


If you are:

  • Invested in the world of massage.
  • Wanting to increase your exposure.
  • Ready to realize results from partnering with your peers.

And, able to risk $10 on making things happen.

Then I want to speak to you.  Simply process the PayPal payment first and then submit your entry via my contact form or receipt instructions that you receive and let’s move forward with the success of your future.

Questions?  Call (605) 956-3630 or use this contact form.

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This site and its 292% growth in the first two months are a direct result of my wife and I becoming Massage Therapists. Previously I have been a Digital Marketer for over 20 years. Massage Therapists can now tap into my online marketing talents in at least 3 ways. 1) Finding out about my Digital Marketing program for Massage Therapists. 2) Unlocking secrets of how to market products/services here. 3) Becoming a guest content contributor. If you live in Rapid City, Keystone, Hot Springs or surrounding areas of South Dakota and want to give the true gift of love consider our massage gift certificates or treating your gathering to mobile chair massage.

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