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When it comes to the business side of your life as a Massage Therapist few things trump the need to secure clients for your practice.

Tradition Says: GIVE IT AWAY

By providing giveaways and freebies to build your clientele.

GOOD NEWS: It works

BAD NEWS: Time is money

I’m not sure about you but as a Massage Therapist in my own rite, there are two things I personally don’t have a lot of.  First is time and the second is money.

There must be a better way.

Tradition Says:  WORK HARDER

By attending trade shows and other such events

GOOD NEWS:  It works

BAD NEWS: It requires a lot of work to make it happen.

If you’re ready, wanting and willing to put in long arduous hours then go for it  I personally think there must be a better way.

I think that because its true.  Well, it is now because I created it and you’re about to read all about how you as a Massage Therapist can directly benefit from all the work I’ve done on your behalf.

HOT TIP:  The image displayed reflects the traffic growth from the first 2 months of my project existing on the Web.  You can count on the fact that this chart is continuing skyward and your business can tap in on my success risk-free.

But wait, perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s start with the basics of who I am and why you should care.

Massage Therapist Digital Marketing Consultant

Simply put, I’m a 20+ year Digital Marketer (see my Upwork profile) who recently decided to throw my entire career to the wind by becoming a Massage Therapist.


That didn’t come out right.  Please let me explain.

Why This Digital Marketer Became A Massage Therapist

The life of a freelance Digital Marketer is a very sedentary existence.  I get up, turn my computer on, and I’m at work any time day or night.  While this has been an extremely fun way of living it is at the core of why I have hypertension today.

So, I decided that I needed a change in my career.  My wife and I started talking about this with the end result of us both becoming Massage Therapists.  If that sounds like an interesting twist, there is much more to the story than what I’ve shared here.

That’s likely to come out in the free teleseminars that I will start as of September 1st 2018.  These sessions will take place at 4PM MTN.  I will consider ramping these up sooner if I receive enough requests to do so.  Let me know by leaving a message at: (605) 956-3630.  If not, show up starting in September and we will grow together.

But wait.

How do you know how to gain access?

The best way to keep aware of what is going on is to sign up for my eNews for Massage Therapists by placing your eMail details below.  I’ll be in touch.

Why You Should Show Up On My Teleseminars For Massage Therapists

What will you gain by attending?

I love doing open mic presentations where you ask the questions and I answer them on the fly.  If questions arise that I don’t know the answer too I’ll be more than pleased to research them and provide the details in future calls.  Typically speaking, when it comes to Digital Marketing success I can provide invaluable guidance for you to be able to implement.

So, come and ask your direct questions about digital marketing from someone who actually is walking in your Massage Therapist shoes.  Again, the calls start on September 1st 2018 unless I receive special requests for them beforehand.  Call (605) 956-3630 to make your request.

But wait, there’s more.

Massage Therapist Teleseminar Bonus

Each person in attendance will receive the ability to win a spot on my up and coming blog (the one your reading now) simply by showing up.  The resulting traffic potential for you will be huge and cost you absolutely nothing.

Imagine your phone going off the hook with potential prospects who are local to your area and want to secure your services.  That’s what is waiting for you to tap into down this path.

The Real Reason I’m Launching These Teleseminars

Okay, so what’s the catch?

Why would I give this all away for free?

By promoting you and your services my blog gains more valuable content which Google loves to see.  So yes, by helping you succeed I also help me.

It is as simple as that.

I help you.

You help me.

Google helps everyone.

It is a win/win/win situation.

The best part is there is absolutely no cost involved in making this happen.

No financial risk.

No long hours to invest.

Just pure value, that I personally believe is not available elsewhere.  At least not by a Digital Marketer who understands the ups and downs of what it takes to be a thriving Massage Therapist.

I look forward to getting to know you and how I can best serve your Massage Therapy career aspirations.

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Guy Siverson at Graceful Touch
This site and its 292% growth in the first two months are a direct result of my wife and I becoming Massage Therapists. Previously I have been a Digital Marketer for over 20 years. Massage Therapists can now tap into my online marketing talents in at least 3 ways. 1) Finding out about my Digital Marketing program for Massage Therapists. 2) Unlocking secrets of how to market products/services here. 3) Becoming a guest content contributor. If you live in Rapid City, Keystone, Hot Springs or surrounding areas of South Dakota and want to give the true gift of love consider our massage gift certificates or treating your gathering to mobile chair massage.

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