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Ever find yourself waking up in a brand-new world that you never expected to enter? Such is the case for my wife and I who are neck deep into a venture we would never have thought we would consider.

It should be noted that it is not the first one, though it certainly is this one.

Are you wondering what adventure I am speaking about and why it should matter to you?

Good questions.

We have a mission to become Massage Therapist.


13 + 13 =

Perhaps it isn’t such a big deal for some but for us it included moving far away from our friends and family as well as quite literally investing our last dollar to make these dreams come true.

It was in this vein that Grace Touch was born. It started as a massage chair review site and quickly grew into so much more.

So, while we can’t say that we have been in this field for 150 years we can say that we have a passion for what we are learning both within text books and within hands on opportunities.

Some may come into this field with an exact understanding of what they want to achieve from it.

We didn’t.

Others might target a school that is within their geographical location.

We didn’t.

What we did do is follow the promoting’s of our Lord. As a result, we are about to enter our 3rd of 6-month Program. At this point we have passed both Swedish Massage and Anatomy.

To that end we’ve put this massage focused website together for your enjoyment. Our hope is that you come to see this site as a resource of resources as it relates to massage with a focus on reviews for massage chairs.

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