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Speeding down that road, with the wind blowing in your face while you tightly grip the handlebars. There’s nothing like being a cyclist, it’s fun, freeing, and can be extremely rewarding…except when your body starts to deal with the negative effects of being a cyclist.

In this article, we will be deep diving into the best foam roller for cyclists and you’ll learn what to look for in a foam roller, how to effectively use one if you’re a cyclist and how to avoid injury by using a foam roller.

Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller2.87 poundsMulti-density$$5.0
321 Strong Foam Roller1 poundMedium density$4.7
Luxfit Foam Roller9.9 ouncesHigh Density$4.6
PowerPro 2-in-1 Foam Roller1 poundHigh Density$$4.5
RumbleRoller1 poundHigh Density$$4.3

The Top 5 Best Foam Roller for Cyclists

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos, Original

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 If you are looking for a foam roller that you know for sure can get the job done, the TriggerPoint Foam Roller cannot be ignored. This foam roller is structured from high-quality materials that not only keeps it from losing its shape but also effectively resists sweat. The patented design offers improved muscle recovery, more pain relief, and improved flexibility. This roller works excellent with athletes and has even been backed by massage professionals and athletic coaches. Everything a cyclist needs in a foam roller.


500 Pound weight limit

Increased density

1 year warranty included

Compact and easy to store


Can be too hard for beginners

321 STRONG Foam Roller 

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The 321 Strong Foam Roller is one of the best in its class. It is able to get those hard to reach spots with the included triple grid 3D massage zones that are made to mimic a massage therapist’s thumb, finger, and palm. This foam roller makes it very easy to stretch overworked muscles and it is very travel friendly weighing only 1 pound. The 321 strong is much more beginner friendly, while still being able to reach those difficult spots and deeply penetrate the soft tissue layer of your tired muscles. A must-have for cyclists.


Excellent for any part of the body

For beginner and intermediate

Durable EVA Foam does not crack


Not for taller people

Texture stops it from rolling well

LuxFit Foam Roller

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If you are looking for a really solid all-around foam roller, the LuxFit Foam Roller does not only get the job done, but is also very affordable. This foam roller has a high density, without being too hard and causing pain. The Luxfit helps with positioning, balance and posture, while also increasing your core stabilization and stamina. Perfect for relieving muscle tension, this foam roller can hold up to 400 pounds, while still maintaining its original shape. A diverse, durable and effective foam roller that a cyclists would love.


3-year warranty

Increases stamina and balance

Includes instruction video



Easily slips

Takes a while to be “broke in”

PowerPro 2-in-1 Foam Rollers

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The Power Pro 2-in-1 Foam Roller is a deep tissue massage roller that completely rejuvenates and soothes tight and sore muscles. Not only does it quickly improve your muscle recovery but it also helps to reduce cellulite and fluid retention. This roller comes in different sizes just in case you want to target a particular muscle group or if you’d rather have a full body massage. You can not only expect to be completely relaxed after your massage but you can also look forward to a good night’s sleep.


Tones the skin

Gentle and comfortable

Lightweight and portable


Can lose its shape after some time

Attracts dirt very easily

Rumbleroller Deep-Tissue Massage Roller

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If you are looking for a foam roller that feels just like your getting a deep tissue massage from a massage therapist, the Rumbleroller Deep-Tissue Massage Roller is at the top of its class. This foam roller really digs into the connective muscle tissue to help faster circulate blood and oxygen for quicker pain relief. The textured pattern of bumps on this roller is unique and highly effective in helping you to move better and feel stronger. It comes in 3 different sizes and 2 different densities, so you can find that perfect roller for you.


Different sizing and density options

Gets hard to reach spots

Offers deep tissue therapy


The texture may be too hard for your back

More for advanced rollers

4 Things to Look for When Choosing a Foam Roller for Cyclists

The majority of foam rollers are used for generally the same thing, increasing blood flow to your muscles through self-massage which is also known as a self-myofascial release. Despite them coming in all different shapes and sizes, there are certain attributes that no matter which foam roller you choose, it should have these components.

Shape and Size

Almost all foam rollers are made the same way, a cylinder shape, while some come short and thicker, others come thinner with more length. Despite how it is originally made, you want to invest in a foam roller that keeps its original shape, even after you’ve been using it for a while.

The continuous sitting and rolling is the main cause for shape distortion, but if you have a foam roller that is made from high-quality material like, Eva or expanded rubber foam. These two materials are known to hold their shape much longer than other materials.

Not all foam rollers are made equal, they come in different shapes and sizes for a reason. Different people need different shapes and sizes. It is always a best practice to research further and see how much weight a foam roller you are considering purchasing can hold. You will find that the majority of them can hold anywhere from 200 to 500 pounds.

Consider your weight for the type of foam roller you need, also take into account your height and which muscle group you are mostly looking to focus on. The longer the foam roller, the more muscle groups it can target. You’ll notice that the longer rollers give you a total body massage while the shorter ones give you a very specific muscle group to focus on.


Different rollers have patterned ridges and knobs and their purpose is to intensify the amount of pressure that you feel in whichever muscle group you are targeting. There are two categories of texture when it comes to foam rollers:

Smooth roller: A smooth roller is a roller that has no ridges and is a smooth surface across the entire roller. This type of roller is better suited for beginners because it does not exert as much intensity on your muscles as one with ridges.

Textured Roller: These kinds of rollers are for people who are used to using foam rollers and can handle extra pressure when using it. These are made to really precisely focus on whatever area is being pressurized and to massage the tissue a bit deeper than a regular smooth roller.


How much density you should have with a foam roller is completely relative, it varies by person and different people are comfortable with different amounts of pressure. Using a roller that is too soft can produce an inadequate amount of pressure and not hit the muscle group you need, while a foam roller that is too hard can be extremely uncomfortable and cause bruising

Softer rollers also have a higher chance of becoming deformed over time because of the constant weight that’s put on them. Rollers with a higher density last longer because they are harder and much more durable.


While some people may think color is just for the appearance of foam rollers, colors actually have a meaning when it comes to rollers. You’ll find that rollers that are blue and red have medium density, while white rollers are very soft and the black or dark colored rollers have a very high density.

While sometimes you can estimate the density by a color, this is not always the case and it varies by company. The best way to test the density of a foam roller is to just give it a squeeze. If you happen to be purchasing one online, take a look at the reviews and see what others say about how dense the roller is.  


When it comes to choosing a foam roller for cyclists there are certain features you want to look for. Always pay very close attention to the shape, density, price, and durability. Figuring out where your problem points are can better help aid you in the decision of choosing a foam roller. Particularly for cyclists, we like the TriggerPoint Foam Roller. Not only is it able to get the spots that a lot of other rollers cannot get, but it is also extremely durable, while also being light and compact enough to travel with. The perfect foam roller for a cyclist.


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