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If you are an equestrian, it can be a lot on your back. The constant up and down movement, and the constant pressure that is put on your spine. All this pressure is bound to have your back muscles sore and tender, but there is a way to effectively provide yourself pain relief, even while riding.

Wearing a back brace can not only relieve your muscles, but it can also correct your posture while riding, which can have a direct improvement to your overall riding. If you are looking for the best back brace for equestrians, this article will go through the best back braces currently on the market.

ProductLumbar SupportWeightPriceRating
Back Brace by SparthosYes14.4 ounces$5
Posture Corrector for Women and MenNo0.64 ounces$4.8
Unigear Back Brace Posture CorrectorNo10.2 ounces$4.6
Neotech Care Back BraceYes7 ounces$$4.5
AidBrace Back BraceYes1.2 pounds$4.3

The Top 5 Best Back Braces for Equestrians

Back Brace by Sparthos

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The Back Brace by Sparthos offers immediate and lasting pain relief. It helps to soothe sore muscles while preventing any further back injuries. You can enjoy the freedom of movement as this brace allows for you to be able to stretch, bend and walk as you please. The extra compression that this brace provides is from the adjustable lumbar pad, used in conjunction with the vertical support to completely stabilize your back and prevent rolling. A back brace that could be of the perfect use for an equestrian.


Great vertical support

Easily adjustable

Lumbar support

Extra compression


Uncomfortable fit if you are obese

Posture Corrector for Women / Men – FDA Approved

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The LERAMED Posture Corrector is an FDA Approved brace that helps to not only relieve pain but to improve your posture to prevent further soreness and potential muscle spasms. The high-quality materials made from this brace are completely hypoallergenic so there’s no need to worry about skin irritation, while the thin material also allows for the brace to be worn under clothes with no bulkiness. A brace that is perfectly fit for an equestrian.


Hypoallergenic material
Helps with pain relief
Waterproof and breathable
Contributes and helps improve muscle memory

Straps can cut your circulation

Unigear Back Brace Posture Corrector

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If you are looking for a brace that offers upper and lower back support, the Unigear Back Brace could be just what you are looking for. The velcro straps are easily adjustable and allow you to fully control how loose or tight you want your brace. The neoprene material keeps your back from getting sweaty, while the double stitching makes it extremely durable and able to last for a lifetime. Wearing this brace will also help to stop future muscle soreness or injuries. A must-have if you are an equestrian.


Lightweight and breathable

Double pull mechanism to achieve that perfect fit

Helps with alleviating pain


More ex”pensive than some other braces

Neotech Care Back Brace – Lumbar Support Belt

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The Neotech Care Back Brace is a support belt designed by back experts to help not only improve back pain but to prevent it. Its design is made with a double pull mechanism so that the inner wrap can provide the best compression while also providing heat retention. This belt will also help with unwanted twisting movements and keeps your back stable. The durability of this brace is also enhanced because of how it is finely stitched. All of the components that make up a great back brace.



Elastic side panel for better breathability

Wide back support offers more coverage


Inaccurate sizing

Velcro pops off sometimes

AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt

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If you are looking for a brace that can handle any type of back condition, then the AidBrace Back Brace is a great option. This brace comes with a double side strap so you are able to get more support and not only to your lower back but also to your lumbar area. The integrated stabilizing support helps to improve your posture while effectively helping your muscles to recover. The mesh backing allows you to get a great amount of ventilation while wearing your brace. A great brace perfect for athletes.


Allows for ventilation

Lumbar support

Double side straps increase back support


Can be uncomfortable on your stomach

Velcro can pull at the fiber causing it to break apart

4 Attributes that Your back Brace Should Have if You are an Equestrian

Back health is vitally important when it comes to horse riding because it serves as the reason for all of your primary functions. The better condition you keep your back, the better equestrian you’ll be but every back brace may not work for an equestrian, some will be better than others, but if you are an equestrian, there should be certain things you are looking for.


There are some back braces that offer better support than others. Certain back braces will support your upper back, middle and lower back using springs within the back brace. Being able to control compression also gives you more control over how much support you get.

It is also good to check if a back brace has any additional features such as mesh pockets that allow you to put cold or heat packs in them as a way to offer massage therapy to the muscles.


Being able to properly adjust your back brace is also very important because making sure it is properly adjusted ensures that you get that right support you need. Even though almost all back braces are able to adjust not all of them are easily able to adjust. The easier the adjustment is the more convenient your back brace is, no one wants to spend more than a few seconds adjusting. You’ll find that the braces that are easily able to adjust have straps on them. Some back braces also offer dual adjustments as well.


If you get this wrong, none of the other factors matter. Making sure that you choose the right size is imperative to your overall comfortability. If you read the manufacturers section you should be able to see exactly what their different sizes are.

When it comes to sizing yourself, you should always measure the biggest part of your stomach. When sizing, a lot of people make the mistake of measuring their waistline and wound up getting a brace that is too small.


There are some back braces that offer warranties. Generally the longer the warranty, the higher it will be. You should match your pricing budget with the warranty that you want. You will find that back braces can have warranties that last anywhere from 1-year to a 5-year warranty.


Finding the best back brace if you are an equestrian does not have to be hard. If you look for some main attributes like sizing, support, how easy it is to adjust and the warranty that comes with the brace.

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